2 / 2017

Western Hills Pet Hospital Website

This was the first major website that I designed, it was for the veterinary office "Western Hills Pet Hospital". Although I have redesigned the website since making this one, it can still be viewed here.
8 / 2017

Branding Buddy

This chrome extension was the first application I made for my team at Fiserv. I saw that the team was taking around 5+ minutes to transfer text from the form that banks would fill out for new themes, and copy it into the appropriate section of their theme. This application took that process from a 5+ minute process, to one that took 5 seconds. The extension would read the form and fill out the appropriate fields in the bank's theme.
I actually created this application on my own time outside work, as it wasn't in my job description at the time, but once I introduced it to my colleagues, it was quickly adopted and saved the team hundreds of hours.
3 / 2018

Western Hills Pet Hospital Redesign

After about a year and a half after making the initial design for the Western Hills Pet Hospital website, I realized how far I had come in my knowledge and experience in web design, so I took it upon myself to update the website in a more sleek and modular way. You can see that website here
10 / 2018


This actually one of the few Fiserv apps I made solo, so all the styling, coding, and everything was done by me. This application allows users to select days off by clicking or clicking and dragging the specified dates, and selecting that they will be gone on that/those days.
The program then takes into account who will be off and who was last on, and picks the appropriate next person in the queue and sends them an email to remind them to do the specified task for the day.
3 / 2019


LogJam was born out of a need that I saw in my company. A few banks were unable to host the remote login code that was generated via Avocado Factory (a previous application I made), so I made an application that was in essence an extension of Avocado Factory. When a user generates a remote login code in Avocado Factory, they can send that informatiuon to the LogJam application, and it gives them an identification number that allows them to test the login code in a controlled hosted environment, as well as downloading said code and the style instructions for it.